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Seamless WassUp Upgrades

Precautionary Steps for a Seamless WassUp Upgrade

WassUp Screenshot
In the newest WassUp WordPress plugin update (v.1.8.1), there is a precautionary notice about upgrading. This notice says that you should not upgrade if your site is busy. That is, you should check the number of current visitors online before upgrading and, if there are more than one regular visitors or multiple spiders online, don't upgrade!!

WassUp is different from most plugins because once it is enabled it starts working and never stops until it is disabled, deactivated or your site goes down. Every visitor click, every spider hit, every search, and every feed request triggers WassUp to write data into it's tables. The more popular your site is, the more data WassUp has to write in order to track visitors browsing your site.

An upgrade during a busy time for your site increases the odds that WassUp will be interrupted in the middle of a write operation. That kind of interruption can cause file corruption or can leave a permanent lock on WassUp tables. Continue reading

WassUp Works Well with WP Widget Cache

WassUp users looking for ways to speed up their site or blog should try WP Widget Cache plugin.

WP Widget Cache plays nicely with Wassup because it caches only the widgets on a page and does not affect other code in the document. It caches sidebar and footer widgets and allows you to customize cache settings for each widget individually. According to the author, you can achieve up 70% improvement in your site’s performance with this plugin. After installing it on my own blog and setting a cache timeout of 24 hours (86400 seconds) on all static widgets, I saw a impressive improvement in load speed, myself. Continue reading

A Simple Fix for “Simple Tags”

I am not an official WordPress tester, but to keep up with the latest changes and to make sure my own plugins are always compatible with upcoming versions of WordPress, I sometimes run WordPress development version on this site.

There are several plugins installed on this site that end up also getting tested for compatibility with upcoming versions of WordPress, although that is not my intention. Wassup, cFormsII, Bad Behavior, and Akismet all run successfully on WordPress 2.7 development version . One plugin that failed was Simple Tags version 1.5.7 by Amaury Balmer. This plugin produced an error because of a test in the code that rejects unrecognized versions of WordPress.

Fortunately the fix was simple. It only required that the version test be replaced by one that tests for current or higher version of WordPress. I modified the code myself and now “Simple Tags 1.5.7a” runs on 2.7-dev. Continue reading